Readings, Vigils And Ceremonies

Funeral planning is often left to unspoken tradition—or left to others. However, arranging a home funeral is a meaningful way to participate in life’s greatest transition.

Thoughtful preparations may involve several main areas.

Pre-Death Phase

Death is a process—typically beginning in the days and weeks before actual death…

This Is Why We’re Here

Human. This one word includes us all.

Our highest calling is to create a world for all humanity. This inspiration shares many names — global consciousness, the millennial age, the zeitgeist. What they all describe is the connected, freedom-seeking and inclusive impulses of our generation.

Attitudes toward death are changing. More and more, we are accepting—even embracing—death as a part of life. So what does this mean? How could we change the lives we’re living?

Some thoughts:

Mending relationships with family members, friends or others. Is there something we need to say to someone, want…

An Open-Source Template

Winter is introspective. Centered around the solstice—the darkest time of the year—the winter season has traditionally been celebrated across the world.

The solstice time, or wintertide, is a celebration of our inner individuality and humanity—during a time of outer darkness. …

A Powerful 5-Minute Practice

The daily review is a simple way to develop insight and a greater understanding of yourself.

Let’s use an analogy. What do professional sports teams do to improve? Among other things, they look at the film. We can do the same. …

Simple Steps For Starting Now

Death is a part of life. Whether you believe death is an end or a passage, planning for your death can reduce stress and bring calm, clarity, and closure to a time of transition.

A death plan involves the standard documents: a Will, Advance Healthcare…

Humanity has only known two types of thinking. One of these methods, reason, is well known to all. The other method has gone by many names: intuition, revelation and the classical term nous, among others. More recently, the Indian sage Sri Aurobindo called this supermind. While reason has been the…

A 3-step Framework for Building Community

In our San Francisco coliving community, we focused on a basic question: How can human beings live together in freedom?

In other words, “How can I be me—without limiting you?”

Before getting around to all the great things communities can do, we wanted to…

An open-source Thanksgiving blessing

This Thanksgiving, millions of us will sit down for dinner. And before we begin to eat, someone will say a blessing—or not. In either event, the moment may not feel quite right.

For many of us, we’ve moved beyond traditional ways of saying grace—but saying nothing…

From Aristotle to AI

Movies like Limitless show-off one of science fiction’s coolest storylines — the idea of human super-intelligence. But the idea is hardly new. In fact, it’s been around for more than 2500 years.

The ancient Greeks — Plato, Aristotle and other sages of the time — spoke…

Nathaniel Jaye

Human intelligence | Meaning design

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